Simply Sophisticated
Interior Design

Welcome to Denise Desousa Design, where simplicity and style go hand in hand. We both feel immensely grateful to have been able to join forces and bring our shared passions and unique differences in perspective, style and talents to the firm.

Denise Desousa Design offers a unique take on interior design, focusing on simplistic designs that capture the client’s personality and unique tastes. We believe in pushing the boundaries of design to find new, exciting and unique expressions while maintaining balance, harmony and clean lines to each project.

As industry veterans and passionate designers, both of us live and breathe all things design. It’s our goal with any project to use our years of experience and creativity to help clients push the boundaries of design and find clarity and confidence in their space.

We believe that your voice is the one that should shine in each project you under-take. Our role in your process is to advise, guide, and offer the best design advice possible, before finally taking our combined vision for your space and executing that vision into an exemplary, finished project.

Choosing your interior design firm can be a painstaking process, but we’re here to help you avoid costly mistakes and designs that don’t fit with the uniqueness that is you, your family and your home. It’s this commitment to quality work, from planning to the final results that we believe keeps our loyal clients coming back year after year.

We both believe that our successes have been a direct result of our commitment to quality, great results, attention to detail, trust and integrity. We work to continually grow within our industry by attending trade shows and seminars to bring you the best design possible. It’s our mission to help clients discover their spaces in new and inspiring ways.

Denise Desousa Design offers both residential and corporate services to clients in the GTHA (Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton and Surrounding Areas)

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci